A Cannabis Growth and Cultivation Facility

Sac Pharma is an established California based cannabis cultivation company. With proprietary recipes and formulas, high demand strains, and key distributor relationships, the well-established team at Sac Pharma not only grows a product that looks and smells good but sells just as well. Consistently outperforming its peers, Sac Pharma offers high-end bulk product that is sold before each harvest.

Sac Pharma will optimize revenue by ensuring each harvest contains the maximum Grade A flower and all parts of the plants are sold, leaving virtually no waste. By pre-selling harvests, the company can stay ahead of changing tastes and preferences, while coordinating off-take agreements with its distribution partners.

Sac Pharma averages 1.5 harvests per month and has continued to increase sales revenue. They are the exclusive premium product producer for such well know US retail brands such as Scoopz, Cookies and Dr. Greenthumbs.