Specializing in preservative free shelf stable baked goods

NuWave Foods is a fully licenced commercial kitchen and baked goods manufacturer located in Edmonton Alberta. NuWave has a process to create a shelf-stable baked product without the use of any preservatives. This can be applied to virtually any baked good. Given the current world climate, demand for products with shelf stability has skyrocketed. Using NuWave’s considerable contacts in the food industry across North America, NuWave is positioned to quickly be a leader in this rapidly growing space.

“NuWave has a large-scale commercial kitchen, shared with one of the largest donut factories in North America, Special D Baking. Special D has successfully been distributing baked goods on a huge scale to grocery store chains across Canada and the USA, and we look forward to developing a closer relationship with the company in the future. NuWave expects to have a shelf-stable product with no preservatives, solving a long-time issue and expanding on a product that can now be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. I look forward to innovating with the team at NuWave and sharing more information with our shareholders once we complete our definitive agreement,” commented Frederick Pels, chief executive officer of the corporation.

Have a quick glimpse inside: