NuWave Foods

Specializing in preservative free shelf stable baked goods

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  • NuWave Foods located in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Fully licensed and equipped 8000 sq. ft. commercial kitchen.Specializing in preservative free shelf stable baked goods.
  • Long term relationships with major grocery chains across North America.
  • Current specialty are doughnuts, cakes, expanding into all baked goods to create shelf stability in what is now a high demand space.
  • Through its distribution agreement with Bakemark Canada, NuWave intends to activate multiple SKUs through Bakemark, it is expected that the products will be distributed to national grocers, convenience stores and cafe’s which are part of Bakemark’s vast distribution network. NuWave’s unique approach to manufacturing shelf stable desserts such as doughnuts, cheesecake, and fritters brings a needed solution to the bakery and foods industry.